NAMPO fair - Bothaville, Soth Africa


NAMPO Harvest Day is one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting over 80,000 visitors annually. Held in Bothaville, South Africa, the event is a prime platform for agricultural businesses to display their innovations, connect with potential clients, and network with industry peers. For FKL and Temo Parts which is part of BHBW Group, NAMPO provided an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate our combined strengths to the South African market.

Our partnership with Temo Parts began earlier this year, rooted in a shared commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Temo Parts, with its extensive reach and deep understanding of the local market, is the ideal partner to distribute FKL's high-quality agricultural bearings. Together, we aim to enhance the performance and reliability of agricultural machinery across South Africa, ensuring that farmers and spare part dealers have access to the best components for their equipment.

Participating in NAMPO Harvest Day has been a significant step for FKL and Temo Parts. This joint exhibition not only marked our first collaborative effort but also set the stage for a prosperous partnership. We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our booth and supported us at the fair. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and grow together, delivering excellence in every bearing.