•Laboratory for testing of roller bearings got the first authorization for testing of roller bearings with the Resolution 05/02 – 3803/2 dated September1985. based on Order on obligatory testing of roller bearings (Official journal of SFRJ no 62/83), which regulated the method of testing of roller bearings in the market on the territory of SFRJ. Resolution is issued by Federal institute for standardization.

•The Laboratory has got the first accreditation for roller bearing testing according to standard JUS EN 45001 in September 1998. with the resolution No PR 3 – 40/98, confirmation No A042 issued by Federal institute for standardization

•Laboratory has got accreditation according to requirements of standard JUS ISO/IEC 17025:2001, with the Resolution of Accreditation Body of Serbia 01 – 158, dated 18.07.2006. for testing of roller bearings.

•During the first auditing conducted  in March 2007. by Accreditation Body of Serbia it has been confirmed that the work of the Laboratory has been in accordance with requirements of new edition of standard ISO/IEC 17025:2006 and renewing of given accreditation.